What is St Martin’s Hawksburn?

We are an Anglican church that worships in the ‘High Church’ or ‘Anglo-Catholic’ tradition.  That means we have a lot of candles and some great incense and have what many would call a traditional service.  Our church was built in 1883 and is very beautiful inside.  We are a very friendly, playful church who don’t take ourselves too seriously, but do take what we do seriously.

We are welcoming!

The first thing you will notice when you come is how friendly we are.  In fact, we have a ‘Welcomer’ outside every Sunday whose job it is to greet everyone who comes.  We are genuinely delighted to see everyone.

We serve our community

We have a strong ‘servant’s heart to serve our community.  This ranges from supporting social enterprises such as SisterWorks that helps women migrants, asylum seekers and refugees become financially independent and happily settled in Australia, support for new mums by connecting them through Play groups for young children, through to food relief for the homeless in the area.

We include everyone

Everyone is anyone is welcome to worship here at St Martin’s. We firmly support both men and women in being part of ordained ministry and have always had LGBTQI members within our community.

We have atmosphere

You might call it an amazing atmosphere. You will feel it when you come inside. We would describe it as the church filled with God’s presence.  But whatever name you want to give it, you can certainly feel it when you walk in.  Not only a fabulous building, but the feeling you get when you walk in is hard to describe.

Still curious?  Come and visit with us.  We would love to meet you!

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